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1) Failure as Fuel for Creativity and Innovation

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Nothing can teach us more than failures and setbacks in business, but we need to have the resilience to learn from them without getting discouraged. No one knows this better than a stand up comedian.  

Armed with his years on stage, trying out jokes and songs in front of crowds, failing and innovating. Rory put this ability to the test when, in 2018 his home was destroyed in a Tornado.

Using his well honed muscle of innovation from setback, he quickly leveraged the media coverage of the disaster by creating a comedy video of the event that went viral, resulting in media articles, and news interviews which generated 10X more client booking requests over the following year, and eventually leading to a TEDx talk on the subject. Things happen “for” you, not “to” you.  We’re constantly being tested, so let Rory prepare your staff’s mindset through exposure to failure and setback so they can innovate quickly when opportunity strikes. 

2) Running on Rejection in Sales

It is a common sales trope that it takes 10 ‘no’s’ to get a ‘yes’. But what if it took 100? Does your sales team have the tenacity to keep pushing forward?

As a stand-up comedian, Rory knows that jokes must be tested repeatedly in front of a live audience to gauge whether they are funny. By the time you see jokes on Netflix, they have been told 100’s of times to audiences who barely chuckled. How you grow from a chuckle to a full out belly laugh (or the coveted snort) is a process of constant rejection with the underlying determination that the laugh will come. Pushing through rejection to achieve success is a thick skin that ANYONE can develop. Let Rory show your sales team how to run on rejection.

3) Team Building & Collaboration

What’s it like when your team is in ‘The Zone’? Are they solving problems, making happy customers, establishing you as a leader in your industry and growing the bottom line?

When Singer/Songwriter Rory Gardiner’s team is in the zone, they create smash hits that top the charts. Having collaborated with industry professionals, who have written/recorded with country stars like Tim McCraw, Blake Shelton, and Carrie Underwood, Rory uses the same tools to help corporate teams transform their approaches to collaboration, and teamwork to make their teams ‘sing’.

As an award-winning professional song writer, Rory applies the principals from music collaboration to corporate collaboration. This involves fostering creativity and open communication while ensuring that the best ideas rise to the top. The greatest teams are ones of diversity that can pool their unique talents through cooperation and effective communication. Rory will bring your team on a journey to practice this ability, getting it into perfect tune. 

4) Master of Ceremonies/Hosting with custom Corporate Comedy/Music

Holding a conference, retreat or event that could use some levity and entertainment to keep attendees and employees alert and happy?

Rory, in addition to being a comedian, has worked in government and industry environments as a presenter and master of many meetings. He can facilitate your event to flow naturally, interjecting humour and music to keep audience members fresh for the content being presented. Rory will customize a show specifically for your team. This program of clean comedy and music is customized for your industry and employees. 

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