World Class Entertainer

Not just another “lecture”. Be engaged by a professional entertainer, who has been captivating audiences of all sizes, in multiple countries, on multiple platforms for over 15 years.

You’ve heard his music on Television starring actors like Kevin Nealon, or pro athletes like Chris Bosh and Arnold Palmer. His original tunes have been recorded by other artists, or used for podcasts, mobile apps, and commercials airing daily throughout North America.

2018 CCMA nominated artist Rory Gardiner has appeared on multiple CMT nationally broadcast reality shows, and shared the stage with a number of great country acts, like Keith Urban.

As a stand up comedian, he has shared the stage with fellow Canadians Tom Green and the late Mike McDonald. His comedy has been featured on Funny or Die, and Sirius XM, and has acted in commercials for brands like Under Armour, or TV shows like “The Handmaids Tale” on Hulu.

When Rory speaks at conferences, colleges, and corporate retreats, he not only brings his message, but brings a lifetime career of entertainment value. Engaging your team using music and comedy that will not only leave your team entertained, but also more self-confident, and connected, giving them an “experience”, rather than “just another keynote”.

If you want to learn something new, you need to EXPERIENCE IT!

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